Friday, December 4, 2015

9 months gap

Guys, i'm back.

Yeap, i'm back on the last month of the year. Teruk kan? Alhamdulillah, I'm doing just fine. Everythings fine except for the fact yang tahun depan dah form 5 & silibus untuk chapter form 4 belum pun khatam lagi. Tsk. Kesedaran tu dah ada, tau yang next year nak spm, tapi tu lah.

If theres still people yang baca my blog, thank you. Thank you so much. Its really nothing much here. Dah takde ape pun sebab kalau nak update blog, it takes time.

I really think i should post more here instead of focusing more on my Instagram, Twitter or Vsco account. But yah, soon. Just for your information, I'm on my way on practicing to write and speak in English. Wish me the best of luck! Sebab seronok tengok those people yang fluently cakap Bahasa Inggeris or even write in English. By the way people, Insyaallah this Sunday 6/12 my flight direct to Madinah and I'll be heading to Makkah after that by bus, from Madinah to perform my Umrah. Doakan ye?

Here's my Instagram & Vsco account if you guys wondering;
Instagram- Nada Nadot | Vsco- Nad0tx918

I'll be uploading tons of pictures, so you guys better prepare for the worst! :p Click the hashtag #nadabh_traveldiary on Instagram for more.

Till here! See ya, xo