Friday, May 12, 2017

May 12th

Was it weird to be missing someone you used to talk while you can actually talk to them?
Even right now?
Does it sounds wrong to tell people that you actually have been missing someone you meet every single day?
I mean, you used to met every single day.
Or is it just me?
Or it just the inside me who has been missing somone that bad?

I think i've been missing how things used to be,
like the old days.
Is that bad? or is that bad?

How long it has been?
2 years?
2 years and a half?

Have you ever think about why someone would come across to your life story?
Are they meant to stay or they were meant to just cross the path?

Here's a picture of me holding a fish about a year ago on my biology lab experiment,
that i was going to actually send it to you.